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For decades, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been the undisputed #1 among luxury limousines. It has set a global standard for VIP transportation. We still believe this to be the very best vehicle for high-end passenger transport:

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The ultimate chauffeured car

The Mercedes S-Class is the flagship of the Mercedes-Benz fleet and the very best choice if you are looking for a vehicle with a chauffeur. Over the years, the vehicle has undergone multiple cycles of development to provide optimal comfort to passengers riding in the back. The Mercedes S-Class is available in a standard and an elongated model. We only use the elongated model. With the thirteen centimetres of extra legroom, guests can stretch their legs out all the way. The displays and onboard entertainment allow guests to turn the back seat of the vehicle into their personal office on wheels. Vibrations and sounds are optimally filtered out so passengers can rest or make phone calls without being disturbed.

The latest generations

We use the latest generations of Mercedes S-Class vehicles, all with a recent manufacturing year. At the time of writing, that is the W222 facelift. Be default, the vehicles come with a CCV D1-certified executive chauffeur. At our client’s request, we can scale up to a CCV D3-certified security driver to guarantee additional focus on security.

State-of-the-art air filtration

The vehicle is equipped with a high-tech air filtration system (Air Balance). Using a state-of-the-art ioniser, pollutants and virus particles are effectively filtered out of the air. The first Mercedes air-filtration system dates back to the 1990s. It was developed to provide cleaner air to executives driving around in the German Ruhr region. In the decades since its inception, the system has been developed further with a focus on safeguarding the well-being of passengers.

Standard extras

All vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi, bottled water, peppermints and magazines.




Mercedes safety

Mercedes maintains an exceptionally strong focus on the safety of the chauffeur and their passengers. In addition to a trained private chauffeur, the vehicle is equipped with Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive systems that are designed to optimally support the chauffeur on the road. In various tests, Daimler has demonstrated that the S-class puts the least physical and mental strain on the chauffeur, compared to vehicles developed by rival brands. Lane assist, night vision, hazard recognition and smart cruise control are just a few examples of the systems that help the chauffeur maintain a state of constant and optimal focus.

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