Mercedes V-Class Chauffeur Service

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is the successor to the Mercedes Viano. The Mercedes Viano marked the starting point of a revolution in the world of luxury passenger buses.

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The minivan that does it all

The Mercedes V-Class is the successor to the Viano. The manufacturer has taken things to the next level to create a high-end VIP van. The vans are used all over the world by virtually every high-end Chauffeur Service. With electric doors, Wi-Fi, deluxe leather seats and optimal comfort in the back, this car is like a Mercedes S-Class in the form of a stylish MPV. The captain seats can be positioned to face each other, so guests can conduct meetings on the road. Using a special audio system, voices can be amplified to ensure all passengers can understand what everyone is saying.

VIP Transportation across short and long distances

The Mercedes V-Class is often used for the VIP transportation of more than three people, with a maximum capacity of seven passengers. We often use this vehicle to transport artists and businesspeople. With its spacious and luxurious interior, the V-Class is also a great choice for longer distances. By default, the vehicle comes with an executive chauffeur. At our client’s request, we can provide a security driver as well. All vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi, bottled water, peppermints and power outlets.

Standard extras

All vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi, bottled water, peppermints and power outlets.

5, 6 or 7 PAX


Latest Model

Space and comfort

For our Chauffeur Service, we use a fleet of elongated Mercedes V-Class vehicles. This model has extra room for luggage and can hold a large number of suitcases or golf bags. Guests can opt for a five-, six- or seven-person model (excluding the chauffeur).

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The composition of our fleet is subject to change. Is the vehicle you are looking for not listed in the overview below? Contact one of our employees today. Perhaps we can arrange something for you.

Are you interested in a Mercedes V-Class with chauffeur?

We charge either an hourly rate or a kilometre rate for the use of these vehicles. To send you our tailor-made proposal, we need some information from you; namely, the country where the service is to be provided and a description of the nature of the assignment.

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