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Yacht Travel is ideal for adventurous travellers with a passion for the open seas. Sailing offers ultimate peace of mind and freedom. We want to reinforce that state of mind with our services by taking care of everything with regard to Travel Management:

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Useful information about Yacht Travel

(Super) yacht Concierge

“A helicopter flight from Cannes to St. Tropez for a fully catered lunch in a popular restaurant”

Chauffeur service for ten people and a tour guide for a trip into the hinterlands”

Yacht Travel is accessible and comprehensive and offers everything from one-time services to completely taking over your Travel Management. We can be at your service on location or remotely. If you wish, a Yacht Concierge will join your party on board for the entire duration of your trip. Contact us for more information.

Chartering a yacht

In most cases, yachts are hired for a specific period of time. This is known as “chartering.” By chartering a yacht, you get to enjoy all the benefits without any of the burdens. Chartered yachts come with a full on-board crew. However, many people forget to use the services of a Travel Manager. We work together with various charter companies to provide our clients with Travel Management services.

Monaco Yacht Show

Every year, we travel to the south of France for the Monaco Yacht Show, the most prestigious superyacht event in the world. We maintain a large presence there in order to provide our services to various wharfs, companies and families who attend the event. If you wish, you can use our services during this event as well.

Useful services:

Yacht Travel is combined with our other services. Think of e.g. booking a Chauffeur Service or a helicopter flight.

Frequently asked questions about Yacht Travel

Would you like to know more about Yacht Travel? Below is an overview of the most frequently asked questions.  If your question is not answered below, feel free to contact one of our staff members.

Do you offer yacht charters?

We have developed partnerships with various charter organisations. The yacht industry runs on large expenses. It is therefore paramount to work with reliable organisations for honest agreements and the best service. We are happy to share our recommendations for reliable and renowned parties.

How are the services billed?

We offer regular clients a credit account. That means Taylor provides its services on account and/or prefinances them. At the start of every month, we will send a combined invoice. Feel free to ask us about the specific possibilities and conditions.

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Yacht Travel is a broad concept. We do not use standard rates for this service. We offer tailor-made services, depending on your wishes. Request an offer today. We will get back to you within one hour. Call us for even faster service: +31854013539

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“If you would like more information about Yacht Travel, we would be delighted to hear from you.”

– Mathijs Raap, Head of Operations