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The Taylor Travel Management Group is a leading agency that specialises in VIP Travel with a strong international focus. As an agency, we are your one-stop shop. Our services include:


VIP Transportation

Global provider of chauffeur services, private flights and helicopters. We provide the knowledge, expertise and means to guarantee care-free travel for everyone – from individuals to major logistical operations.

Private Security

We provide specialists such as a security driver, a bodyguard or a VIP bodyguard. On an international scale, we provide staff with military knowledge and expertise to family offices, celebrities, artists, governments and businesses.

Travel Management

Dedicated support for PAs, managers and end users in full-service Travel Management. We take care of every last detail of the trip to ensure our clients can enjoy a truly sublime travel experience. Our specialisations include Yacht Travel and Business Travel.

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Events and Conventions

Our Agency attends international and prestigious events. The overview below is just a small selection:

Monaco Grand Prix 2024

24 - 26 May

TEFAF Maastricht 2024

9 - 14 March

Keukenhof Gardens 2024

21 March - 12 May

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