VIP Chauffeur Service in Brussels (Belgium)

Are you looking for an exclusive Chauffeur Service in Brussels with a driver who knows how to deal with the security risks found in this EU capital? For the past fifteen years, we have been transporting politicians and diplomats at the highest levels, including White House officials. If you want, we can provide trained security drivers.

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Our luxury limousines in Brussels

You will always be transported using the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz limousines. In Brussels, you can choose the following vehicles, among others. Are you looking for a specific model? Contact our staff so we can find out what we can do for you.

Land Rover Range Rover

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Land Rover Range Rover

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Useful information for your visit to Brussels

Travel times by car to popular destinations

  • Brussels Airport to city centre: 30 minutes
  • Brussels Airport to Antwerp: 45 minutes
  • Brussels to Amsterdam: 2.5 hours
  • Brussels to Bruges 1.5 hours

Brussels Airport  (also known as “Zaventem”) is the largest airport in Belgium. Every year, more than twenty-five million passengers arrive at and depart from this airport. Note that this airport should not be confused with Charleroi, Brussels’ other airport.

Brussels Airport also has a private jet terminal (General Aviation). Its address is:

Luchthaven 28
1930 Zaventem

You can choose one of two FBOs:

Would you like to charter a privet flight  to or from Brussels? You can do so through our office.

The finest hotels in Brussels

Brussels is home to a large and diverse selection of five-star hotels. Our personal choices are:

Would you rather have our office handle the process of choosing a hotel and making a reservation? Not a problem: simply let us know when you request an offer or while we are already providing our services to you.

The best restaurants in Brussels

For a gastronomic experience to remember, we recommend the following restaurants in Brussels:

Of course, our staff can reserve a table for you if you wish.

Going out in Brussels

Brussels offers a vibrant night life. Guests can choose from a wide variety of large clubs. Our personal recommendations:

Luxury shopping in Brussels

Guests who like to enjoy some high-end shopping during their visit should definitely visit the Waterloolaan or the Louizalaan, two major, exclusive shopping streets in the heart of Brussels.

In the vicinity of Brussels:

Discover the possibilities for VIP transportation in neighbouring German cities.

Safety in Brussels

Brussels is seen as the capital of the European Union. That leads to some additional security risks. A terrible example of this is the major attack on the airport that happened a few years ago, followed by a number of smaller attacks. Measures taken to combat terrorism and protect government officials are visible everywhere you look: barricades and military vehicles are common sights in Brussels, as are armoured vehicles and convoys with flashing blue lights.

For important guests, it is therefore advisable to use the services of a security driver. A security driver is a chauffeur who has been trained to identify and assess risks and take appropriate action if necessary.

Having said that, Brussels is a safe enough place to visit for your average tourist. The risk of being involved in a terrorist attack is very small, of course. As in other cities, there are certain high-risk areas in Brussels that are best avoided, but guests normally have no reason to go there.


How do we guarantee the safety of VIPs in Brussels?

Our chauffeurs in Brussels know the city inside and out. They will always avoid high-risk areas. If need be, they can offer advice during the drive; they are always ready to answer any questions their guests may have.

If you have any additional wishes with regard to security, please let us know.

We will come up with a tailor-made solution. Think of e.g. the use of security drivers. We can also provide a bodyguard and/or armoured transport.

Interesting facts about and hotspots in Brussels

About the city

Although Brussels is a busy city, it is easily accessible by car. Those who know the city well will have no trouble navigating it – despite the many barricades along the way. Our chauffeurs are always aware of new roadblocks and can effortlessly make their way around them.

There is also a point of attention with regard to language: Brussels is located in the French-speaking part of Belgium. In practice, this means many inhabitants speak little to no English. The guests we transport have nothing to worry about, however; our chauffeurs are fluent in both English and French. They have no difficulty serving as a translator if the situation calls for it.

Culture and history

Many people’s perception of Brussels is that it is a “dull” and “business-like” city. That is unjustified: the city is rich in both culture and history and offers a wide range of attractions. Think of the world-famous Manneken Pis and The Atomium, which was built for the World’s Fair of 1958. Then there are the countless restaurants and cafés that define Brussels and are a sight in and of themselves.

Learn more about Brussels’ culture and history >


The biggest events in Brussels are the political gatherings (which are obviously not open to the public). As the EU’s capital, top-level meetings between the world’s most prominent politicians are often held in the city. We often supply vehicles and chauffeurs for these meetings. Examples include:

  • EU-Africa Summit in 2014
  • NATO Summit in 2018

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