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Are you looking for an exclusive Chauffeur Service in Paris for guests who only want the very best? We have fifteen years of experience with transporting executives, diplomats, celebrities and other VIPs in France and the rest of the world.

“TTMG is our trustworthy partner in limousine services all over Europe. Their network exists of professional and discrete drivers always taking care of our VIP clients. Being available 24/7 is an added value they offer which is always much appreciated in order to deliver the best service even in emergency situations.”

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Fifteen years of experience as a reliable partner for chauffeur services

Our luxury limousines in Paris

You will always be transported in the latest Mercedes-Benz limousines. We have a wide selection of luxury limousines for you to choose from in Paris. We can also provide armoured transport if necessary. Ask our staff about the possibilities.

Land Rover Range Rover

2021 Model
From € 115.00 | per hour

Land Rover Range Rover

✔ 3 pax
✔ 4 large suitcases
From € 115.00 | per hour
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Useful information for your visit to Paris

Travel times by car to popular destinations

Travel times by car to and from the city centre from the airports

With 48,000 aircraft movements per year, Le Bourget is the busiest airport for private jets in the world. There are an impressive eight FBOs.

If you want, you can have our office staff charter a private jet to or from Paris for you.

The finest hotels in Paris

Paris is the perfect city for lovers of fine dining and hospitality. Consequently, it offers a wealth of luxury five-star hotels:

Would you like us to make a hotel reservation for you? Not a problem! We can do so at any time, either before or during the chauffeur service. Our office staff are happy to help.

The best restaurants in Paris

Paris wouldn’t be Paris without its enormous selection of fantastic restaurants. We recommend the following establishments for the finest culinary experience of your life:

At times, it can be difficult to get a table in one of these restaurants. If you cannot get a reservation yourself, you can ask us to try on your behalf. With our connections, we may be able to pull some strings.

Going out in Paris

For a taste of Paris’ exclusive night life, guests can go to Club L’Arc. You can reserve a VIP table via our office.

Luxury shopping in Paris

Paris has high-end shops throughout the city. Our chauffeurs know all the best ones. If guests are eager to go shopping, all they have to do is let their chauffeur know.

Lovers of fine jewellery and delicious fragrances should definitely pay a visit to Van Cleef & Arpels. That is where you will find the most exclusive jewellery and perfumes.


View the possibilities regarding our other VIP transportation in France.

How safe is Paris

Despite its high population density, Paris is a very safe city. Tourists do not have to be worried about robberies or violence.

One thing to note is that Paris is a hotspot for celebrities. Professional criminal organisations know that too, which means celebrities visiting Paris are sometimes the victim of embezzlement or robberies. It is therefore important to hire a reliable party to provide a chauffeur service in Paris. When Kim Kardashian had millions of dollars’ worth of jewellery stolen from her in 2017, it was partly an inside job carried out by her chauffeur and members of her security team.


How do we guarantee the safety of VIPs in Paris?

Our chauffeurs in Paris know the city inside and out. They will always avoid high-risk areas. If need be, they can offer advice during the drive; they are always ready to answer any questions their guests may have.

If you have any additional wishes with regard to security, please let us know.

We will come up with a tailor-made solution. For example, we can use so-called security drivers: highly trained chauffeurs with a keen awareness of potential security risks. We can also provide you with a bodyguard.


Interesting facts about and hotspots in Paris

About the city

What can we tell you about Paris that you don’t already know? It is the capital of France – of course – and the global capital of fashion, art, culture and gastronomy. Everyone is familiar with its well-deserved nickname “the city of love.” Paris is the ideal destination for a romantic trip.

No visit to Paris would be complete without a tour of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées: the city’s most prestigious and widest avenue. Among other things, it offers cinemas, cafés and high-end shops. In addition to being one of the most famous streets in the world, it is also one of the most expensive: the average rent is more than € 900,000 per 100 m² (only New York City’s Fifth Avenue is more expensive).

Paris’ roads are notoriously busy. Facing Parisian traffic requires steel nerves, not least because French drivers are generally known for their aggressive driving style. Nevertheless, the city is easily accessible for chauffeurs who know what they are doing – like ours. Our professional chauffeurs have no trouble dropping their guests off at the door and picking them up again later.

During the corona crisis, the Parisian government imposed some unexpectedly strict lockdown measures. As a result, a number of our business clients could not leave France, as its borders were closed as well. Nevertheless, we managed to get the right papers via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and pick our guests up in Paris to take them home.

Culture and history

In Paris, guests can go on one of the most amazing city tours in the world. Just think of such sights as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Sacre Coeur and the Notre Dame.

Then there are the myriad other monuments and museums (with the Louvre being the absolute highlight, of course).


Many companies are eager to associate their brand with Paris’ glamorous image. As a result, Paris is home to a great diversity of prestigious events:

  • Paris Fashion Week
  • Roland Garros
  • Paris Air Show
  • Paris Motor Show

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