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Hiring a helicopter is an efficient solution for quickly covering medium distances:

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“A visit from Schiphol Airport to a shipyard in Zeeland”

“A quick trip from Amsterdam to London for a business meeting”

These are just a few examples of situations in which a chauffeur service would cost precious time due to long transit times and bad traffic. Hiring a helicopter is the ideal middle ground between using a Chauffeur Service and chartering a private jet. The helicopter can land virtually anywhere near your final destination and can seat one to twelve people on board. The number of passengers depends on the type of helicopter used.

We supply deluxe VIP helicopters to e.g. governments, artists and businesses, especially those in the entertainment and offshore industries.


We need more information from you before we can send you our offer. Please let us know where, when and for how many people you want to use our helicopter service and we will send you our offer free of any further obligation.

Frequently asked questions about hiring a helicopter.

Would you like to know more about using our helicopter service? Below is an overview of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, feel free to contact one of our staff members.

How far can a helicopter fly?

A helicopter’s range depends on a number of variables, such as the type of aircraft, the number of passengers on board and the size of the fuel tank. For our calculations, we use an average speed that allows for a flight time of three hours without refuelling. Based on this average speed of 200 kilometres per hour, it is possible to cover a distance of circa 500 kilometres.

What is the best location to fly from in the Amsterdam area?

The most commonly used locations are Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Heliport (Hornweg 24, Amsterdam).

Where do you offer this service?

We have partnered with helicopter companies in major cities all over the world. We mainly provide this service in areas with extremely heavy traffic, e.g. in Nice (France) and London (United Kingdom).

What payment methods are accepted for hiring a helicopter?

We accept Creditcard (Visa, AMEX, Mastercard) and Crypto payments. We use BitPay for secure crypto transactions. Please read our FAQ about Crypto to learn more. Furthermore we accept a wire transfer.

Would you like to know more about hiring a helicopter?

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