Private security services

Threats can come in many guises. Our company provides security drivers, bodyguard and VIP bodyguards to minimise potential risks in a professional manner. Private security is a specialisation of which training and experience are inherent aspects. This service is therefore always provided by VIP specialists with a military or police background. Why do clients choose us?

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Personal security services

Security driver

The Security Driver is a specialist extension of the Chauffeur Service. It goes further in depth when it comes to vigilance and the ability to act adequately in a crisis situation. This service offers security in the form of a private driver with a military or police background and focuses on the logistics and safety in and around the vehicle. Usually we can work with the use of our normal fleet. Where necessary, we can scale it up to armored transport.

Personal bodyguard

A personal security guard operates in the shadows to proactively avoid risks and control them where necessary. When there is any form of threat, it is important to be able to act directly and professionally. Threats can affect anyone in unexpected situations. Fortunately, personal security is a preventive measure in most situations. Nevertheless, our team always takes worst case scenarios into account, and is on the highest level of readiness to respond decisively.

VIP security guard

This service is specialized in protecting celebrities and artists. High awareness can entail serious risks. Risks that do not by definition always have to be sought in an enemy corner. For example fans who do everything they can to get even a glimpse of their idol. At a certain point in their career, the situation arises that a VIP can no longer move anonymously on the street. Personal security is the solution to create more peace of mind and control in the sometimes chaotic world of stardom.

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