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We offer international Travel Management services with a focus on Yacht travel and Business travel. We are your one-stop shop for global travel services and can provide, among other things, ground transportation, tickets, private flights, accommodations and lifestyle services. In other words, we offer a full-service concept for frequent and demanding travellers.

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Business Travel

Time is a precious commodity for the active business traveler. A smooth course of every trip is therefore very desirable. Business Travel Management offers the solution for those looking for peace, quality and control in the higher segment. Also a P.A. or executive assistant wants to be able to provide the best support from the office. This is often difficult for services that take place at a great distance with possibly different time zones. A small mistake with major consequences is easily made. Reliable and committed partners who go the extra mile are the key to delivering quality. Thus we can deliver the 5 star service all over the world.

Yacht Travel

Owning or chartering a yacht offers unique opportunities to discover the world. The peace and freedom of the water, a great diversity of cultures and destinations, all from an unprecedented luxury accommodation. The organization and planning around the course of each trip requires a lot of effort. The use of a professional travel manager is therefore a great asset to unburden and enjoy optimal. Think of a driver service at the different mooring locations, selecting and booking dinner. Supplies on board, medical assistance and security.

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