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VIP transportation is a niche in the travel industry and can be seen as a relatively simple service. Nevertheless, operating at the highest level in this sector requires extensive knowledge, experience and expertise. Every year, we invest heavily in our people and assets in order to offer our clients the best possible service. Discover the possibilities of a chauffeur service, charting a private jet or hiring a helicopter.

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Fifteen years of experience providing VIP transportation for:

Services for VIP transportation

Chauffeur service

With our Chauffeur Service we deliver VIP and VVIP transport at home and abroad. We focus, among other things, on the business market, diplomatic transport, events, conferences and artist transport. We are equipped as standard with a fleet of the latest Mercedes models. Our private drivers are trained to operate at different (safety) levels. The Chauffeur Service can be deployed on an individual basis as well as on extensive logistical operations.

Private jet

Booking a private jet has many advantages over a scheduled flight. With a private flight, waiting and check-in times can be reduced to an absolute minimum. You can also fly flexibly to a wide range of large and small airports. Pets can preferably be taken on board and the catering can be fully tailored to your wishes. With us you fly safe and secure.


The deployment of a helicopter offers comfort, freedom and flexibility in bridging medium distances quickly. An airport is not a requirement, so you can land flexibly in the vicinity of almost any final destination. This makes the helicopter for national destinations and border regions many times more dynamic than a Private Jet.

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