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Our luxury limousines in Düsseldorf

You will always be transported using the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz limousines. We acquire our vehicles from Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.

Land Rover Range Rover

2021 Model
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Land Rover Range Rover

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Useful information for your visit to Düsseldorf

Travel times by car to popular destinations

DUS Airport sees circa twenty-five million passengers per year. That makes it the second-largest airport in Germany. It also serves as an international (business) hub for both Germany and the Netherlands, since DUS competes with Schiphol Airport in terms of the destinations it offers. As a result, we often transport Dutch clients to the airport in Düsseldorf.

For guests who prefer a private jet, it is good to know that DUS Airport has a special private jet terminal (General Aviation). Its address is:

Flughafenstraße 60
40474 Düsseldorf

If you want, you can book a private flight through our office.

The finest hotels in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is home to a large and varied selection of five-star hotels. Our recommendations:

View more five-star hotels in Düsseldorf >

Would you like to know more or have our office staff make a hotel reservation for you? Not a problem! Simply let us know what your wishes are when you request an offer or when we contact you.

The best restaurants in Düsseldorf

Going out in Düsseldorf

The city has an atmospheric historical centre known as “Altstadt.” The small streets are filled with bars and restaurants where you can spend a pleasant evening or night.

More information about “Altstadt”

For those looking for an exciting night club, “The Nachtresidenz” is highly recommended. It is an amazing and exclusive night club with a large VIP area.

Luxury shopping in Düsseldorf

For an exclusive shopping experience in Düsseldorf, you must go to the Koningsallee: a beautiful, spacious shopping street filled with only high-end (clothing) stores. This street is quite similar to the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam in terms of its selection of retailers. Of course, our chauffeurs can easily take you to where you want to go.

Tip: if you want to shop for watches and jewellery, we recommend the jeweller Rüschenbeck.

Near Düsseldorf

Take a look at other German cities near Düsseldorf where we offer our chauffeur service.

Safety in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is characterised as being “extremely safe:” guests run very little risk while travelling through and staying in this city. The biggest concern are pickpockets, but the danger they pose is no different here than in any other European city – and much smaller than in some cities elsewhere in the world.

Crime levels are generally low and the police force is universally respected. All you have to do is follow a few basic rules (which are largely based on common sense). If you do that, the risk of anything happening is very small indeed. These rules are: avoid overly crowded areas and be extra vigilant at the airport and at train stations.

At night, the city centre (Altstadt) may pose some risks. Think of e.g. drunk tourists, fights breaking out and small-time criminals looking for an easy score.

All in all, there is no reason to fear for one’s safety when visiting this German city.


How do we guarantee the safety of VIPs in Düsseldorf?

Our chauffeurs in Düsseldorf know the city inside and out. They will always avoid high-risk areas. If need be, they can offer advice during the drive; they are always ready to answer any questions their guests may have.

If you have any additional wishes with regard to security, please let us know. We will come up with a tailor-made solution.

For example, we can use specialised security drivers: highly trained chauffeurs with a keen awareness of potential security risks. We can also provide you with a bodyguard.

Interesting facts about and hotspots in Düsseldorf

About the city

The river Rhine runs straight through the gorgeous city of Düsseldorf on its way to the Netherlands. The city has a relatively small population of circa 640,000 people.

As mentioned above, Düsseldorf is a very safe city. In fact, it has earned the sixth place on the “city ranking” of the global “Quality of living” list. The city exudes an air of prosperity.

This high quality of living is partly owed to the fact that the city is a major business hub. Düsseldorf is located in the Ruhr region, which has a rich industrial history. These days, the city is a model of luxury living with a focus on fashion and banking.

The city has a spacious and car-friendly layout. That makes it easy for our chauffeur service to drop off and pick up guests at the door of e.g. their hotel or restaurant. On nice days, exotic cars can be seen everywhere. They serve as further evidence of Düsseldorf’s high standard of living.

Culture and history

Düsseldorf has much more to offer than business centres alone: the city also has many cultural attractions. Just look at the historical city centre, which is a true marvel of architectural prowess. The city is also home to twenty-six museums and one hundred art galleries.

If you wish, you can book a sightseeing tour through our office. Our chauffeur will take you past the city’s most amazing sights and stop at the best locations to (briefly) explore on foot.


Every year, the city hosts a large yacht show: Boot Düsseldorf. Together with our clients, we are regular guests at this event.

Düsseldorf is also famous around the world for its Christmas fairs.

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