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Our luxury limousines in Cologne

We always transport our guests in the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz limousines. In Cologne, we offer the following selection of vehicles for you to choose from:

Land Rover Range Rover

2021 Model
From € 115.00 | per hour

Land Rover Range Rover

✔ 3 pax
✔ 4 large suitcases
From € 115.00 | per hour
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Useful information for your visit to Cologne

Travel times by car to popular destinations

Cologne Bonn Airport is a well-designed, relatively quiet international airport. Twelve million passengers arrive at and depart from this airport every year. We can easily and quickly park in front of the main entrance and guests can walk straight from the gate to the waiting limousine.

There is also a special privet jet terminal: BACC (Business Aviation Center Cologne). Its address is:

Heinrich-Steinmann-Straße 2a
51147 Cologne

If you wish, we can charter a private flight for you from our office – even if you need to depart on short notice.

The finest hotels in Cologne

Cologne is home to a wide selection of luxury five-star hotels. Our personal recommendations:

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Would you like any specific advice about accommodations or have our office make your hotel reservations for you? That is all possible: simply let us know when you request an offer or when we contact you to work out the details of our chauffeur service.

The finest restaurants in Cologne

Going out in Cologne

Cologne is home to many fine restaurants. In particular, we recommend the Belgian District: a famous area with countless pubs and restaurants. This creative neighbourhood is all about food, fashion and art.

Luxury shopping in Cologne

Guests who prefer luxury can shop to their hearts’ content in the Mittelstraße. This is where you will find the most exclusive brands. Our chauffeurs can easily find this shopping street and the best spots to drop off and pick up guests.

Near Cologne:

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How safe is Cologne

VIPs have nothing to fear in Cologne. The crime rate is very low; the biggest security risk are the pickpockets who roam the city. However, as long as you avoid certain areas – especially at night – everything will be fine. Our chauffeurs know exactly what to do and can offer advice if needed. On top of that, they will always choose the safest routes.

Be careful when visiting the Cathedral in Cologne: this is a tourist hotspot, which means it also attracts large numbers of pickpockets.

The water poses another minor risk. The river Rhine flows through the city. After the winter, the river is filled with meltwater, which can sometimes cause flooding.

Apart from these minor concerns, Cologne is a very safe city to visit.


How do we guarantee the safety of VIPs in Cologne?

Our chauffeurs in Cologne know the city inside and out. They will always avoid high-risk areas. If need be, they can offer advice during the drive; they are always ready to answer any questions their guests may have.

If you have any additional wishes with regard to security, please let us know.

We will come up with a tailor-made solution. For example, we can use so-called security drivers: highly trained chauffeurs with a keen awareness of potential security risks. We can also provide you with a bodyguard.

Interesting facts about and hotspots in Cologne

About the city

Cologne is the third-largest city in Germany. The city is remarkable accessible: due to its location on the banks of the river Rhine and the presence of an international train station and an international airport, Cologne is easily accessible by land (train or car), water and air.

The water also offers guests unique ways to enjoy the city’s sights, e.g. during a luxury river cruise (which we can book for you!).

Culture and history

Cologne is characterised by its ecclesiastical history. One example of this is the world-famous Cologne Cathedral. This cathedral, which has earned a spot on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, is a must-see. Due to its fame, it is the most popular building in all of Germany; every year, it attracts circa six million visitors. This can make it difficult to visit the Cathedral in comfort. Our chauffeurs have a solution, however: they know what the best times are for a visit and where to drop off and pick up guests.

Cologne also has other World Heritage Sites: the castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust, the earliest examples of the Rococo architecture in Germany (dating back to the eighteenth century). Augustusburg was the formed residence of the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne. Famous European artists contributed to its design. One example is Balthasar Neumann, who designed the breath-taking stairwell. Falkenlust is a castle that is notable for its symmetrical layout.

Cologne also has plenty of attractions for museum lovers: the city is home to some of the very best museums in the world. That is quite remarkable for a city of this size! There are museums with modern art, as well as impressive themed museums such as the Schokoladenmuseum (chocolate museum) and the Farina Fragrance Museum.

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New Horizons Festival
The “New Horizons” dance festival is held every year at the Nürburgring, circa 100 kilometres from Cologne.

During this event, many visitors fly into Cologne and find accommodations there. Every year, we play a major role in the event’s logistics: we provide forty-five vehicles and helicopters to transport the world-famous celebrities who perform at the festival. We are also responsible for transporting VIPs from Cologne to the festival grounds, which can be quite a challenge at times:

The roads leading to the Nürburgring are treacherous and the weather conditions are often poor. It puts our chauffeurs to the test and forces them to rely on their extensive driving training to make the drive as comfortable as possible for their guests.

Kölner Karneval
The carnival in Cologne is the biggest celebration of the year and even one of the biggest carnival events in the world, drawing thousands of visitors from all over the world.

This celebration takes place on multiple days: the carnival is opened in November, but the real party doesn’t start until February, when there is a week full of parades, people dressing up and drinking their bellies full.

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