Private Jet to or from Nice (France)

Would you like to book a private jet from Nice? Although there are options aplenty, not all French people speak English. Our staff do. On top of that, we can do business with FBOs where the staff only speak French.

Above all: we charter a private flight that is both safe and comfortable. You will also have access to a wide range of additional services.

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About the Private Jet Terminal in Nice

After Le Bourget near Paris, Nice Airport (NCE) has the busiest private jet terminal in Europe with more than 35,000 flight movements per year.

The address of the private jet area is:

Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur
Terminal Aviation d’Affaires
06281 Nice, Frankrijk

Available FBO's

The general aviation terminal has 3 FBOs:

Each offers a unique range of benefits tailored to specific wishes and needs. We can advise you about the best FBO to use. Furthermore, we can take care of all practical matters with the FBO of your choice.

Accessibility by car

Nice Airport is centrally located amidst various popular destinations. With our Chauffeur Service from Nice, we can pick guests up at the door of the terminal in an exclusive Mercedes limousine. Below, you will find an overview of transit times and costs.

Note that the traffic in the south of France can be truly horrible at times. Many VIPs therefore opt to use a helicopter to travel from one coastal city to the next. More information about our helicopter service >

Nice – Nice Airport (NCE)
Average travel time: 15 minutes


  • EUR 125 for a Mercedes S-Class
  • EUR 250 for a Mercedes S-Class Maybach
  • EUR 125 for a Mercedes V-Class

Monaco – NCE
Average travel time: 30 minutes


  • EUR 150 for a Mercedes S-Class
  • EUR 300 for a Mercedes S-Class Maybach
  • EUR 150 for a Mercedes V-Class

Cannes – NCE
Average travel time: 35 minutes


  • EUR 125 for a Mercedes S-Class
  • EUR 250 for a Mercedes S-Class Maybach
  • EUR 125 for a Mercedes V-Class

Saint-Tropez – NCE
Average travel time: 1.5 hours


  • EUR 400 for a Mercedes S-Class
  • EUR 800 for a Mercedes S-Class Maybach
  • EUR 400 for a Mercedes V-Class

Antibes – NCE
Average travel time: 25 minutes


  • EUR 125 for a Mercedes S-Class
  • EUR 250 for a Mercedes S-Class Maybach
  • EUR 125 for a Mercedes V-Class

Car rental
If you want, you can arrange your own transportation as well. You’ll find various major car rental companies in the airport’s main building, such as:

Are you looking for a more exclusive vehicle? We recommend AAA Rent Cars. This is a large and reliable organisation that has signed contracts with most of the hotels along the Côte d’Azur.

If you wish, we can take care of the process of hiring a car for you. Simply let us know what you want when you contact us.


Helicopter service

Travelling in a limousine is great, but it can take a long time. The traffic in the south of France is notoriously bad at times. Helicopter flights are a popular alternative. That makes sense, since everything is just fifteen to twenty minutes away by air.

Helicopters can land anywhere along the Côte d’Azur: in the cities and e.g. on yachts.

The demand is enormous, which means there are many operators to choose from. We recommend Monacair. For a fee starting at circa €500, they will fly guests to all popular destinations on board a deluxe aircraft.  Take a look at a price list >

Would you like us to book your helicopter flight for you? We would be happy to take care of this. Let us know what you want when you contact us.

About Nice Airport

Besides the private terminal, Nice Airport is also a “regular” international airport that processes circa fourteen million flights per year. What’s unique about this airport is that it is partly built on an island in the sea. The spectacular view of the coast makes landing here a thrilling experience in and of itself.

The private jets can be admired from the boulevard: long lines of aircraft can be seen parked behind the fence.

It is easy to understand why Nice Airport is known as the gateway to the Côte d’Azur and the famous coastal cities of Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

The airport has every facility you would expect: hotels, car rental companies, restaurants, tax refund and more.


The airport is home to two excellent four-star hotels:

In addition to chartering a private flight, we would be happy to make a hotel reservation for you.

Tax-free shopping

At the airport itself, there is a desk where you can request a refund of the VAT for all purchases made in France.

Also of interest:

Take a look at our other VIP transportation that may be of interest to you.

Popular destinations with a private jet from Nice

As befits one of the largest private jet terminals, Nice can accommodate all types of private jets. Whatever your destination or point of departure: the entire world is within reach.

Destinations with a medium-range jet (e.g. an Embaer Legacy or a Dassault Falcon)

Destinations with a long-range jet (e.g. a Gulfstream or a Bombardier Global)

Private jet to Nice

Of course, you can also charter a private jet to Nice. Wherever you are flying from, we can arrange this for you. Here are some possible locations:

VIP Chauffeur Service

When you book our Chauffeur Service in Nice along with your private flight, we will send a deluxe limousine to pick up the guest at the terminal upon their arrival in Nice and take them to their final destination in comfort.

Would you like us to charter you a private jet to or from Nice?

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