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Hiring a Mercedes VIP bus with chauffeur service

The Mercedes V-Class VIP van does everything the standard V-Class does, only better. The vehicles have been turned into VVIP models and include individual and fully operable captain seats. The Mercedes VIP van offers even more luxury options than the standard V-Class, which is saying a lot. There is entertainment aplenty on board with a display, Apple TV, Wi-Fi and a PlayStation. The VIP van has room for up to five passengers (excluding the chauffeur) and comes with a CCV D1-certified chauffeur by default. If necessary, we can scale up to a security driver. The vehicle is perfect for long trips and roadshows, during which guests want to conduct meetings in peace. The table and face-to-face seating arrangement help create a very pleasant and optimally comfortable environment to work or relax in.



Latest Model

Extra legroom

All our vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi, bottled water, peppermints and magazines. The VIP buses are elongated and equipped with extended rails that the seats are mounted on. The only downside is that the VIP model has less room for luggage than the standard V-Class.

The costs of hiring a Mercedes VIP van.

The costs we charge for hiring a Mercedes VIP van depend on a number of variables. Where do you require this service and what is the nature of the assignment? Based on this information, we will offer you an hourly or kilometre rate.